Palolea Premium Olive Leave Extract standardized @20% Oleuropein is the most concentrated in the Market

Olive Leaf Extract is 5 times more potent than Vitamine C

Each of our natural pills contains 20% Oleuropein, extracted from Olive leaves carefully selected by our farmers, our partners!

Hand Picked Olive Leafs from Palestine

We are committed to sustain the local economy while sharing our treasures with the world!

One of our Pills gives as much as half a litter of olive oil!

Each one of our all natural pills contains 20% Oleuropein, or the same amount of active ingredients (polyphenols) as half a litre of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil !

Palolea Olive Leave Extract Reviews!

For over 20 years, I had a lump on my right which was a result and sign of poor immunity. I tried many medications but nothing worked. I then tried Palolea Olive leaf extract, and after two weeks, the condition was gone. It was amazing!

Murad K. 54

My 10 year old son is diabetic and is on insulin shots. After taking Palolea olive leaf extract, his sugar levels reduced significantly. To the extent that his doctor instructed that he gradually reduce the insulin dosage. Today, after two months, he is taking 90% less insulin shots than he did before. This has had a tremendous impact on his lifestyle, overall wellbeing, most importantly he is happy!!

Haya S. 43

łI took olive leaf extract because I know how beneficial olives and olive oil are for reducing LDL cholesterol, and so I thought I would try it. My cholesterol has gone down. I also noticed that it is also an excellent diuretic. 

Adam N. 66

Paloleaf Olive Leaf Extract 20% Oleuropein pills

Premium Olive Leaf Extract from the Hills of Palestine