Palolea Premium Olive Leave Extract standardized @20% Oleuropein is the most concentrated in the Market

What’s our edge? How Palolea produces the very best Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein)?

We are uniquely positioned in the natural home of the olive tree. Where olive trees are rain fed and grow on their own. This exposes the tree to natural stress that it also overcomes on its own. Along the way however, this strengthens its defense system. It’s immune system, which allows the tree to prosper for thousands of years, is concentrated and hiding in it’s leaves; Oleuropein! Here in Palestine, it is stronger by nature! Our task is to extract, isolate, concentrate and deliver it to you without compromising potency or stability. Not as easy as it sounds!


Palolea Olive Leaf Extract production facilities

Modern research conducted by leading international institutes has proved Oleuropein’s astonishing health benefits. Among them, is it’s strong antioxidant capability! However, this only means that Oleuropein is there to defend with its own life! It is suicidal in its defense of the substance its in, olive leaves and later the extract. In other words, highly degradable and unstable. And that’s where the magic comes in. Following an extraction process that does not allow Oleuropein to degrade, and then, delivering it to the consumer while maintaining its stability. Using cutting edge extraction equipment, Palolea produces olive leaf extract, standardized at 20 percent Oleuropein! Each one of our tablets contains 54mg of Oleuropein. To put that in perspective, that is the same amount of active ingredients (Oleuropein and its derivatives) that you would get from half a liter of freshly pressed extra virgin olive oil! ONLY the instance it’s pressed, since it will quickly degrade.

So welcome to Palolea, where your acquaintance with one of the world’s most powerful natural food supplements begins.

After harvesting the olive crop, pruned leaves and branches are usually burnt. Part of Palolea’s story is to purchase discarded leaves and process them into olive leaf extract. This gives farmers in Palestine an entirely new source of income, from the oldest tree they've known

Palolea Olive Leaf Extract laboratoryWe are proud to be the first company in the region that produces its own active ingredients. Ingredients that adhere to the strict requirements for use in pharmaceuticals. For us, Olive leaf extract sets the pace for all other ingredients we are currently developing.


    Palolea then designed its industrial machinery, based on the ideal small-scale extraction process that our scientists concluded with.

     Palolea’s quality control unit follows GMP standards, and guarantees that every batch we produce passes strict microbiological testing, along with testing the physical and chemical properties of our tablets.

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