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Top 10 online resources to learn all about the Olive Leaf Extract (Oleuropein) benefits!

I would simply like to help the one looking for interesting resources about the Olive Leaf Extract to find all the links that I had used to validate what I had discovered when I first met the founder of Palolea. At that time producing Oleuropein Tablet was just only a project. I was working for a digital marketing agency and really loved what Hitham Kayali, CEO and founder @ Palolea was explaining. He essentially discovered that the olive leaf contains a powerful element called Oleuropein and since Palestine land was covered at 70% by Olive Tree he decided he will be the first to extract it and export it in Palestine. I loved the vision and wanted to know everything about this substance and started to look for information online.

Olive leaves harvest in Palestine

Here are the ten most useful links that I would recommend everyone read and share:

  • List of all researches available on this topic are now available on Palolea's web site:

  • FAQ page is simple and straightforward:

  • If you want to read about Oleuropein effects on your skin, here is the best scientific resource available online here:

Same study:

"improvement also led to the reductions in risk of Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases."

  • A complete review of Oleuropein/olive leave extract benefits in this article from the site here:

  • A general overview of all Olive Leaf Extract known benefits on the human body:

  • If you have time and want to dive into the details of each study conducted on Oleuropein, here is a free book:

  • Of Course, the good old Wiki still provides as well a mine of information and useful links.

  • Olive Leaf Extract / Oleuropein positive effects on our immune system details can be fond here:

  • Video by Dr. Richard Becker, co-host of the TV show Your Health with Dr. Richard and Cindy Becker, discusses Olive Leaf. A complete video: